Request of Return

If for any reason you are not satisfied from your purchase, you have the right for a size change or your money refund. You can send back the product within 14 days since you received it.


Instructions for the return 

  • Make sure that the products are at the same condition as you received them.
  • If an item has a B-Exit security tag or brand tag attached, it must be returned with the tag in its original position.
  • Every single product must have all the tags, dust bag and the original box that they had the time you received them. The original box is considered part of the product itself, and must not have been in any ways damaged or modified or not even used as a single outer packaging.
  • Send us an email at :, with your order number as reference requiring the return for one or more products.
  • Await a confirmation mail, in which we will send you all the information for the shipment.
  • Prepare the package and make sure that the box has the characteristics of robustness suitable for shipping.
  • If we receive the package after 45 days from the shipping there won’t be any refund. For this reason we recommend you to use a fast shipping method.


The returning costs are at your expense.

The return address that you must ship the package after you receive the confirmation mail is:

Strada Lungo Fino, 185 c/o C.C. Ibisco
Blocco A – Modulo 7
65013 Città Sant’Angelo (PE)

We remind you that you should ship the package only from the country which you have place the order.

B-exit riserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns or returns that in anyway does not comply with all the conditions. In this cases the package will be returned to you a the original shipping address.

In all the aspects not specifically expressed as documented by the European legislation for the long-distance trade.


Times of refund

The refund will be done once we receive the package and once we have controller the products.

Credito card: PayPal will do the refund within 7 working days since your receive our confirmation mail. The necessary time to display the refund it depends from the institution that issued the card. You can check the refund into your account online or by contacting the institution that issued your credit card.

PayPal: the refund will be visible within 24/48 hourse from when you will receive our confirmation mail.

Bank transfer: our bank will refund the amount within 7 working days froom when you will receive our confirmation mail. You can check the refund into your account online or by contacting your bank.