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Guess: buy sneakers and décolleté at the best prices

Guess, the famous American brand born in the early 80s represents a style made of creativity, glamour and details. Undisputed combination of style and innovation, Guess boasts items valued by both female and male audiences, without forgetting the little ones.

Guess dresses you from head to toe

Today the brand deals with every aspect and all the outfit variants, including underwear, or accessories like watches, bijoux , glasses, shoes, bags and wallets.


For example, Guess wallets for women are highly rated thanks to their large and comfortable shapes, numerous pockets and most versatile designs. They show a choice of quality of both the materials and the care in the workmanship of the details, and the variety of models and styles available.

Guess wallets of every size and color allow effective combinations with bags and other clothing articles of the same brand.

For those who love shoes instead, the brand conveys its style on the very different types of models available such as elegant décolleté, sandals or the youthful Guess sneakers for women and men.

In particular, the décolleté shoes by Guess emphasize the elegance of the shoes with colors ranging from flashy, shiny and bright tones to matt and more discreet finishing tones.

sneakers guess

Guess sandals are the full expression of the many-colored and bright style of this brand. Elegant and refined heels and designs stand out among the numerous models, as well as simple and minimalist lines in open and always pleasant footwear for the warm seasons. There is no lack of fashionable colors, great classics among laminated gold, black, white and gray strings, as well as original, colorful and typically summer tones.

Even Guess sandals stand out for the choice of materials, the preference of the soft resistance of real leather, skillfully worked to present completely different effects and colors and a comfortable sole.

Guess sneakers for women are always appreciated by the more sporty fans. In fact, the domain of elegance of this brand does not have difficulties to abandon the very high heels typical of its classic shoes in favor of the famous model of a closed and robust shoe. The great skill of the designers demonstrates complete flexibility in using the closed and thick lines of these shoes, to which the distinctive signature of the style is placed. In fact, they are distinguished by the use of inserts that are very dear to the brand, such as glittery finishes, flashy colors and glossy, laminated parts. Instead, some models adapt to a completely sporty design with sober colors of black and white.

decollete guess

The captivating style of Guess with exceptional care to details

The brand also has an eye for the quality, comfort and usefulness of its products. In fact, combining practicality with beauty is one of the strong points of Guess's style, which succeeds to naturally combine very different styles to satisfy customers of all ages.

The lines of the brand are creative, fresh, constantly evolving, capable of presenting elements with an exquisite vintage aftertaste, as well as extremely formal and elegant classics, or to the contrary bright, youthful and modern.