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Zanellato means passion for each detail. For example, nothing says classic elegance quite like a leather bag from the Italian style icon Zanellato.

The celebrated design house has become famous for creating timeless leather handbags and accessories that blend modern sophistication with traditional craftsmanship.

A Zanellato bag is one you can pass down through the generations, confident that it will be just as stylish and envy-inducing in fifty years’ time as it is today.

Across its decades of history, the renowned brand has never stopped offering high-class products, accompanied by the unmistakable logo that testifies to their origin.

zanellato bags

Zanellato bags was born from a tradition of leather craftsmanship

Established by Franco Zanellato, who honed his skills in his father’s glove factory in Vicenza, the company is steeped in a tradition of superb quality and timeless beauty. He turned his experience making gloves and belts for men into a passion for leather accessories for both men and women.

Zanellato sales grew as the world discovered these reasonably priced yet luxurious classics. Then, in 2011, the Postina bag has been launched: this gem put the company on the must-have list for leather accessories.

This fashion icon is based on the classical postman’s bag, its roomy interior and delightful details making it both practical and elegant.

Resisting the fickleness of fashion trends, the Postina has a permanent place on many women’s wish lists, coveted for its functionality and versatility, but most of all for its beauty.

A Zanellato bag never gets old

Born from a tradition of artisan skills and perfected by the company’s dedication to innovation, its accessories are always in style. Each bag is crafted from carefully sourced Italian leather, lovingly crafted and finished before it is delivered to each select Zanellato outlet.

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Everything relies on the leather

This brand cultivates a passion for the highest quality Italian materials, whether it is for a pair of gloves, a briefcase, or a treasured handbag. Its skilled artisans transform the finest leather into something that is not only beautiful, but also moves in harmony with the body and is soft and luxurious to the touch.

Are you looking for a classic Zanellato piece to complete your wardrobe? Zanellato bags, wallets, and other gorgeous accessories are available at a selection of outlets. Your dream of owning a Zanellato might come true sooner than you think.

Prada: shoes and bags known throughout the world

Prada is one of the historic brands that symbolizes Made in Italy excellence. Bags, clothes, travel and luxury accessories, the brand is among the most in demand and appreciated all over the world. Icon of style and elegance, as well as taste and quality, Prada needs no introduction.

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Prada bags, a perfect combination of style and taste

Prada bags are among the most famous leather goods of the brand and most valued by lovers of high fashion accessories. With unmistakable rich and original lines, they also boast very different styles, yet with an element that is always in common: pure class.

Among the materials that have flanked real leather are those that are practical and light synthetics such as nylon, always very refined and cared for.

Each Prada bag is a small piece of history and art, a unique product to wear with pride.

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The article not to be missed? Prada sneakers

Among the most innovative and contemporary categories, the Prada men's sneakers stand out as footwear that meets today's need for a sporty yet luxurious shoe. The brand's ability to open up to innovations has allowed it to create shoes with a unique and distinctive design, without neglecting quality in workmanship and style. In fact, the most active or informal man who decides to wear Prada sneakers has a vast choice of materials, colors and models. The comfort and practicality of these shoes is not second to the beauty of their design, which offers models from the most essential and rigorous, to very colorful, futuristic and more youthful articles. These shoes know how to dress every need, from the simple, newly elaborated version of the classic sneakers to the one explicitly designed for sport and movement.

prada bags

Prada women's sneakers cannot be missed. Just like as in men's models, they meet the needs of today's active and energetic women who want to put their heels aside and slip into informal and dynamic shoes. The models are exquisitely rich in details and variants, offering captivating designs.

Prada shoes is not afraid to use colors or inserts in flashy tones, creating sneakers with a character that loves to get noticed and stands out at a glance. Comfort is obviously an indispensable point, guaranteed also by the different styles that meet the various needs.

There are Prada sneakers that are low and compact, truncated, with a thick sole or, on the contrary, fine and flexible, all modeled to fit the foot and never the other way around. In particular, in the women's line there are some of the most futuristic and brilliant shoes of the great Milanese fashion house.

Prada men's belts is one of the most valued accessories. Just like in the case of bags, Prada belts are a piece of history that has experienced the evolution of tradition towards the innovation of contemporary taste. The Prada belt is a true element with character, able to always be noticed.

This Red Valentino outlet is the ideal place to shop because of all the incredible merchandize that is available to people all over the world, the advantageous prices that allow you to purchase your favorite items for a much lower price than in any retail store and because you can shop couture items from the comfort of your own home, without having to battle long lines or brave inclement weather. On B-Exit you will find everything you need to create a new fashion wardrobe for yourself. From shoes, to purses, to wallets, to accessories it’s all there, right before your eyes, and only a click away.

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Red Valentino outlet: the most beautiful accessories on the web

Long gone are the days when a person had to move from store to store to find all the items that he or she needed to re-design their wardrobe. The modern man and women, both busy and always on the go, don’t have precious time to waste. They can’t spend hours and hours in the car and in a shopping mall. This is why people around the world have turned to the Red Valentino outlet on B-Exit, where they are able to find everything they need, they can order it, and have it shipped directly to their house. You will not waste time trying shoes and clothing items on. You can do that once you receive the items and whatever doesn’t fit or is not of your liking can be returned by following a few simple steps. Why visit large department stores and battle crowds when you can get all your seasonal shopping done on the Red Valentino online outlet? Don't wait and discover all the Red Valentino sales!

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Red Valentino: many sales happening now

One of the most requested items on the B-Exit online outlet are the Red Valentino shoes, which are created to meet everyone’s needs. With an incredible collection of shoes, we are certain that you will find exactly what you are searching for.

Red Valentino sandals, for example, are one of the best pair of shoes that you will ever find in the fashion industry. They are beautiful and made to impress, and you can easily decide if you wish to wear them to work, to a restaurant, or to a special event. The choice is yours!

Red Valentino sneakers are another pair of shoes that are timeless and loved by everyone who purchases a pair. They are easy to slip on and off because most of them come without laces, and they are the perfect choice of shoes for a comfortable day around town. If you are searching for an accessory to combine with your shoes, we highly recommend purchasing one of the beautiful Red Valentino bags available on B-Exit. They are simply amazing. We only recommend that you don’t wait any longer, because all products on the Red Valentino outlet are selling out fast.