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Zanellato means passion for each detail. For example, nothing says classic elegance quite like a leather bag from the Italian style icon Zanellato.

The celebrated design house has become famous for creating timeless leather handbags and accessories that blend modern sophistication with traditional craftsmanship.

A Zanellato bag is one you can pass down through the generations, confident that it will be just as stylish and envy-inducing in fifty years’ time as it is today.

Across its decades of history, the renowned brand has never stopped offering high-class products, accompanied by the unmistakable logo that testifies to their origin.

zanellato bags

Zanellato bags was born from a tradition of leather craftsmanship

Established by Franco Zanellato, who honed his skills in his father’s glove factory in Vicenza, the company is steeped in a tradition of superb quality and timeless beauty. He turned his experience making gloves and belts for men into a passion for leather accessories for both men and women.

Zanellato sales grew as the world discovered these reasonably priced yet luxurious classics. Then, in 2011, the Postina bag has been launched: this gem put the company on the must-have list for leather accessories.

This fashion icon is based on the classical postman’s bag, its roomy interior and delightful details making it both practical and elegant.

Resisting the fickleness of fashion trends, the Postina has a permanent place on many women’s wish lists, coveted for its functionality and versatility, but most of all for its beauty.

A Zanellato bag never gets old

Born from a tradition of artisan skills and perfected by the company’s dedication to innovation, its accessories are always in style. Each bag is crafted from carefully sourced Italian leather, lovingly crafted and finished before it is delivered to each select Zanellato outlet.

zanellato sale

Everything relies on the leather

This brand cultivates a passion for the highest quality Italian materials, whether it is for a pair of gloves, a briefcase, or a treasured handbag. Its skilled artisans transform the finest leather into something that is not only beautiful, but also moves in harmony with the body and is soft and luxurious to the touch.

Are you looking for a classic Zanellato piece to complete your wardrobe? Zanellato bags, wallets, and other gorgeous accessories are available at a selection of outlets. Your dream of owning a Zanellato might come true sooner than you think.

Celine shoes are on sale! With high heels or low heels, classic or eccentric, to go shopping or for a business cocktail, thanks to this Celine outlet you can discover all the models of these wonderful shoes symbol of eternal beauty. Among the hundreds of shoe-designs that Celine has created and crafted throughout the decades (from children’s shoes to men and women’s shoes), Celine sneakers have become more and more prominent during the last few years. Designed for the comfort and luxury of both men and women, all these sneakers offer clients a variety of designs and styles to choose from. From the more classic designs and colors (white and black, predominantly), Celine also offers sneakers adorned with fashionable details, such as sparkles and animal prints - all in the name of fashion! With every type of sneaker, clients will be satisfied with the quality, comfort, and versatility of this special Celine item.

celine shoes

Celine shoes outlet

All these products can be found on our Celine outlet, where dozens of items are displayed and sold at incredible prices. Don’t miss out on the chance to purchase your must-have pair of Celine shoes at almost 50% off its already discounted outlet price.  Original boots, booties, sneakers, sandals, loafers, pumps, stilettos: all made with the highest quality leather and following the highest fashion standards for every customer to enjoy. In the world of high-end fashion, the name Celine immediately comes to mind for its luxurious quality, designs, logo, and its evergreen name. As one of the most recognized luxury houses at the international level, this Maison has opened stores across the globe: from Hong Kong to Paris, from Toronto to Beverly Hills. Discover all this brand has to offer on this Celine outlet!

celine outlet

Celine: an eternal brand

Founded in 1945 as one of the first luxury brands in the fashion business, Celine initially focused on children’s shoes, with its original red elephant logo. Several years later, the brand decided to reinvent itself and shift from solely children’s shoes to ready-to-wear and business casual clothing and accessories for women: gloves, bags, loafers were among Celine’s main items. Its logo also shifted to the one it still uses today, the intertwined C that resembles the Arc de Triomphe, perhaps one of the most recognized landmarks in Paris, where the Celine brand came to life. After almost one century, the Celine brand still offers its clients and all fashion-addicts the craftmanship, attention to detail, and high quality that it did in 1945, especially in regards to shoes—its first luxury item, and one that has continued to be at the center of the Maison’s production throughout the decades. Wait no more! Visit the Celine shoes outlet to choose your favorite Celine item now! The international fame of this luxury brand united with its ready-to-wear style and attention to detail will certainly impress you. 

The Coach online outlet is the perfect place for you to find the fashion product that you are looking for—whether for you or as a gift. If you’re searching for a pair of Coach shoes or any other accessory then browse through the B-Exit online outlet. One of the most enticing aspects of this Coach outlet online (aside from its incredible prices) is that you can browse and shop from the comfort of your home (or your couch).

coach outlet online

Coach outlet online: discover all the discounted products

The online Coach outlet offers original and high-quality products at unbeatable prices and they’re all characterized by the classic look and quality, its attention to detail, the importance this English Maison gives to craftsmanship and product finishes, and the use of the best materials for all of its items. If you are unsure what to choose from, then all you have to do is visit the Coach outlet online and find the product that best suits your needs.

coach outlet sale

Coach outlet sale

Coach outlet sale: one of the best aspects are the special offers, during which fashion addicts all over the world can enjoy a plethora of Coach bags and of other accessories at unbeatable prices. Enjoy up to 50% off already discounted outlet prices, and finally indulge in that product you have long been desiring. Whether it’s a Coach handbag to pair with an elegant business outfit, or a small crossbody bag to create a more casual look with a pair of Coach sneakers, this outlet will have the product you are looking for. So, don’t waste any more time and enjoy the many outlet sales.This brand is synonymous with class and quality, also for this reason it is famous and appreciated all over the world. Its products are cool, comfortable and resistant and they are ageless. If you are looking for the perfect accessory to pair with your Coach outfit then look no further: here there is a wide array of discounted items that clients all around the world can choose!

From handbags to crossbody bags, from clutches to extra-large bags, from backpacks to wallets, in all different styles and colors—the online Coach outlet is sure to have the perfect Coach bag for you. And the best part of it all? Definitely the incredible prices, which are even lower when there are sales. So, don’t wait any longer!

Bottega Veneta combines tradition, innovation and style in the production of iconic and trendy leather goods. All the products are the result of the creativity of high fashion designers who interpret and guide the style, because originality is always a sign of elegance.

Bottega Veneta are unbelievable and unmissable for many good reasons. The craftsmanship makes each product unique and unrepeatable, small precious pearls that denote the style of those who wear the Maison’s shoes and accessories.

Bottega Veneta’s shoes and bags collections are the sign of quality, thanks to the wise use of materials that are able to combine comfort and style. An interweaving process also characterizes these products and it is usually present in all the different models.

What distinguishes Bottega Veneta is the wide range of products it offers, in this manner there are suitable items for each style, whether they are for professionals who always need to be impeccable or for those who want to be comfortable in their free time, while maintaining elegance and style.

You can find men’s and women’s shoes in many different models for every occasion, thus you are able to wear the right shoes for every single occasion. There is no shortage of sales on Bottega Veneta’s bags, as well as on wallets and shoes of this brand that is now widespead and highly regarded all over the world.

Bottega Veneta Sale

Bottega Veneta, bags to wear all day every day!

On hot summer days, for example, when you are on vacation you can match the style of your Bottega Veneta handbag with the comfort of sneakers, which are trendy and so light that it feels like walking on air.

Do not miss the equally comfortable ballerina slippers that combine elegance and practicality: they are versatile and easy to combine with every outfit. For an important evening or simply to have a more slender figure, there are shoes with heels, available in many versions and therefore perfect to wear with any outfit.

Bottega Veneta’s sneakers, quality and beauty for a unique brand!

They are not simply shoes, but comfortable and iconic models that allow you to dress in style in any situation and always be unique thanks to the high quality leathers used.

The attention to detail and style make the brand unmistakable, not only regarding shoes but also accessories which include bags, backpacks and wallets.

Love and care for detail, craftsmanship, top quality materials make every accessory signed by Bottega Veneta a rare pearl of beauty destined to last over time.

Hogan: when elegance meets creativity

Hogan: a brand, a certainty, a perfect combination of elegance and creativity. When a brand becomes an expression of life, when international celebrities and artists turn into spontaneous and unaware testimonials, then this brand has really reached the peak of success...

The brand in question has a name: Hogan, which with its unmistakable and always current products conveys elegance and pure style, facing life and everyday life with a practical spirit.

hogan sneakers

Hogan has always managed to anticipate trends in the fashion world and to perceive the preferences of fashion addicts.

Not by chance, different ideas launched by this brand have revolutionized and modernized the very concept of elegance, giving the creations a modern and captivating soul, with a clean and essential line, a perfect synthesis of class and functionality.

Hogan shoes mean taste and quality

Hogan items are functional, innovative and of quality. In particular, Hogan men's sneakers and Hogan women's sneakers are shoes destined to become articles that never go out of fashion, able to preserve their beauty unchanged year after year.

All the lines signed by the well-known brand are characterized by an exceptional attention and care for details - starting from the materials that are used - and by the innovative character that characterizes Hogan sneakers and, more generally, all the brand's products.

Among the various items, the brand produces bags and footwear designed for customers who want to show off a sophisticated and elegant accessory, without giving up other features that are just as important, such as quality and comfort.

The style that characterizes Hogan is sporty and chic at the same time, with a contemporary and modern design. And yet, in its avant-garde nature it has never lost the traditional craftsmanship made of passion and meticulous work.

hogan shoes

The story of the brand Hogan

Launched in 1997, Hogan Interactive sneakers soon became the company’s star creation. Born from in-depth research into the anatomy of the foot, they offer exceptional comfort and encourage proper posture while looking fabulous. Browse your local Hogan outlet to find a unique collection of Hogan shoes for men, women, and children, characterized by modern design, high-quality materials, and that unmistakable logo.

As well as the iconic Hogan Interactive sneakers, the Italian fashion label offers the Olympia, Running and Rebel models, in addition to a range of flats, pumps, boots, and sandals to meet the footwear needs of those who love luxury and comfort. 

Available in a wide range of colours and materials (leather, suede, high-tech fabrics), they offer elegant details such as rhinestones, sequins, and studs to complete the perfect casual chic outfit.

Thanks to our wide selection you can now purchase a pair of eternal, contemporary yet timeless hogan shoes at outlet price.

For women and men, Hogan sneakers are an evergreen

Hogan sneakers are the go-to shoe to complete your Italian urban-chic look. A blend of key style elements unite to create this iconic look. Style, quality, and technical excellence are all hallmarks of the Hogan collection of classic, sporty shoes. This is your go-to brand for easy casual style.

Among all the products with the brand’s signature, one in particular Hogan interactive sneakers has totally changed the perception of a very widespread type of shoe, so much so that it stands as a true icon of the fashion world.

The model was born more than twenty years ago, but is still loved and valued as if it had just come out. Sporty, elegant and comfortable sneakers, and a valid alternative to heels for women, in the men's version they remain comfortable and discreet.

Hogan men's sneakers succeed in perfectly match with everything, creating a peculiar and fascinating effect between casual and comfortable. The extra centimeters, cleverly disguised, are also a welcome gift.

Thanks to different colors and fabrics, even Hogan sneakers are suitable for every season and perfectly able to adapt to any situation, from the most formal to leisure and evenings of relaxation.

Hogan Sneakers for women and for men

Both elegant and edgy, Hogan sneakers for women are perfect for all occasions. Add a touch of personality to your business wear, and look chic and sporty on your days off. Hogan running shoes offer avant-garde design and exceptional details, making them perfect for the metropolitan woman who wants to look chic and unfussy. 

Casual but unmistakably stylish, a Hogan sneaker combines neutral tones, vivid colours, and refined shades to create a shoe that is ideal for any occasion.

For refined elegance and dynamic style, every man’s wardrobe should feature a pair of these shoes. They offer the perfect blend of refinement and simplicity, taking every outfit up a notch. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style: wear your Hogan sneakers and enjoy a classic look and happy feet.

Ready to take your shoe wardrobe to the next level? Check our online Hogan outlet to add this style icon to your individual take on urban chic.