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Marcelo Burlon

Marcelo Burlon is the brand of accessories, shoes and clothing - launched internationally by the homonymous designer and entrepreneur - that in recent years has enjoyed a consistently high reputation as well as an incredible success, becoming increasingly popular with many critics and preferred by millions of customers.

Marcelo Burlon

Marcelo Burlon: all about accessories and clothing

In general, the various clothing and accessories made by the famous designer Marcelo Burlon faithfully testify to his incredible and eclectic creativity, originality and refinement, highlighted by his delicate and wise use of particular colored patterns and prints, as well as iconographic elements belonging to different international cultures.

For example, special and distinctive features that can be found in t-shirts and accessories. The first are usually characterized by the presence of a black background enriched with prints, writings, images and kaleidoscopic symbols, while the latter are numerous, functional and suitable above all for a style that is youthful, informal, makes an impact and can be showed off at any time of the day.

marcelo burlon sales

Marcelo Burlon, sales on cosmopolitan style shoes and backpacks

Among the brand’s most popular and best-selling accessories, one must mention Marcelo Burlon backpacks, of various types and sizes: with a shoulder strap, a knapsack type, and a bag for both shoulders. Baby carriers, marsupium, socks, hats, scarves and mobile phone covers are also in great demand.

All these accessories often have common characteristics, as can be seen in the presence of particular and vivid patterns, very resistant and durable materials and fabrics, dark and contrasting colors and tribal themes and motifs typical of Patagonia, the native land of this famous artist and versatile stylist.

marcelo burlon shoes

This can also be found in the various models of shoes ranging from sandals and flip-flops to espadrilles that present similar characteristics, as seen in the use of durable and transpirable materials.

Furthermore, garments, footwear and accessories can be found at very affordable prices, thanks to the frequent presence of advantageous offers and sales on Marcelo Burlon, especially considering the high quality and caliber of the brand's fantastic products.