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Guess wallets: beauty, quality and practicality


Guess wallets (pocket-books) have been a reference model in the fashion world since the early 1980s. Their harmonious and elegant style has been a must since the beginning. Today the brand is still capable of innovation, keeping up with the times and standing out among the others.

The brand's versatility lies in its ability to create products suitable for different occasions, styles and genres. Indeed, it is possible to find splendid Guess wallets for women, as well as equally elegant men's models, made in very different colors, decorations and materials.

Among the distinctive elements that have made these accessories successful, there is not only the aesthetic factor, but also the attention to detail, quality and a constant eye for practicality.

Guess wallets are beautiful to show, wear, and above all to handle. The various models satisfy the most varied preferences with shapes ranging from classic men's wallets, compact and small in size, to the most generously stretched and rectangular women's wallets, perfect to be kept and found immediately in a bag.

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Guess wallets: the perfect gift item

Beauty is obviously the feature that immediately catches the eye, followed by the variety: there aren't two of them the same!

Guess wallets are characterized by a captivating design typical of the accessories that is fanciful and admired at the same time. Fashionable designs range from pastel colors to bold shades like red and black, passing through elegant and sober dark blues, browns or whites.

The patterns of prints and inserts offer both classic designs and wallets with the most garish, rich and flashy motifs, without excluding the absolute minimalism and no color is ever out of fashion. The models of Guess wallets for women, as well as those for men, are suitable for virtually every age, outfit and occasion.

The distinctive Guess logo is a must on every wallet. Sometimes it is inserted as a metallic relief or button, at other times instead, in thin, more discreet and sober metallic characters. The design enriches not only the external side of the wallets with pleasant details, but also the internal side, which is worked on the same motifs. The aesthetic pleasure continues even after the object is opened and one views the inside pockets.

The notable quality of the materials, stitching and extremely accurate workmanship make Guess wallets long lasting and resistant to use, and ensure a long life of the product. Details and finishes are carefully checked for each individual object to ensure the high quality standard typical of the US brand.

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Each Guess wallet offers different tactile sensations

There are versatile and durable synthetic materials that make all kinds of processing possible, from smooth, opaque or rough, to bright and shiny finishes. For those who love fabrics, there are some models in cotton blend that are robust and have an elegant vintage flavor. Do not miss the real leather either with a smooth, slightly rough finish or with an elegant coconut effect. The Guess wallet is a product of prestige, pleasant to handle without the fear of ruining it, and many models feature stylistic variations in hues and prints which makes them unique.

Practicality is not lacking, because aesthetics and quality are not the only important prerogatives of a luxury product. In fact, comfort meets customers’ needs thanks to intelligent and well-studied designs. The Guess wallets for women are generous on the outline of the pockets and internal sections, expertly positioned and organized to make the most of the spaces.

Some models have a classic button closure, others with a zip, accordion or compact interiors. All the wallets have a complete set of compartments, which goes from the section designed for credit cards and membership cards, to the change purse and obviously the section for banknotes.

Some are enriched with a zip-pull strap that makes opening much easier and faster. There is no lack of models with additional pockets on the outer or back sides.

These wallets are an irreplaceable element for those with an eye not only for aesthetics and quality, but also to keep their documents, cards and cash in order. Choosing Guess means guaranteeing yourself a solution of great style, and an object to live, value and use concretely.