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Elisabetta Franchi Outlet

Elisabetta Franchi

Ideas that are always innovative and infinite elegance characterize the clothing and accessories by Elisabetta Franchi, a brand that for many is now a synonym of guarantee in terms of quality, originality and class.

The brand was founded by the entrepreneur designer Elisabetta Franchi in 1996, who, from a small atelier in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna has created one of the most internationally known brands.

Elisabetta Franchi: unique mix of beauty and modernity

From bags to shoes, over time Elisabetta Franchi has expanded her clothing collections, always offering high quality and at the same time remaining very attentive to the issue of environmental and social sustainability. 90% of production is carried out in Italy, a characteristic that is most appreciated by her customers.

elisabetta franchi

Elisabetta Franchi, a name, a guarantee of taste and quality

Elisabetta Franchi bags are models that always draw inspiration from a precise theme: they usually dominate pastel colors that are presented in a 90s style, also for this summer's collection in which there is a play of chromatic and geometric contrasts . The bags of this brand are always embellished with metallic details, pendants or little chains. Therefore, these are models that can be used without distinction both in daily outfits and in more formal evening outfits. In both cases, elegance will always be guaranteed.

Elisabetta Franchi shoes are very refined and make it possible to complete every look in the best way: from the most classic and simple models to the most extravagant and lively ones, they make every outfit unique. Also in this case, pastel colors dominate the summer collection, in some cases with a metallic or embellished texture with particular patterns that recall past times. Both types of Elisabetta Franchi sandals are beautiful: with heels and with wedges or, again, those completely flat that are often embellished with jewels or metal inserts. Jewel-like and luxury sandals, comfortable and sophisticated that aim to be a beautiful accessory to show off on your feet.

All the collections are always made with careful refinement of style, elegance and with a remarkable attention to detail.