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Diadora Heritage: sales on men and women at outlet prices

Diadora Heritage

The style of Diadora Heritage, now on sale

The artisanal quality of a Diadora Heritage sneakers turns customers into lifelong fans. It has a classy European feel that adds an unmistakable individuality to any outfit and the reliable comfort means customers just keep coming back to the brand. Add to that Diadora’s focus on doing traditional things in an extraordinary way, and you can count on new materials and interesting twists to make a vintage classic a modern favourite.

The Diadora Heritage collection is a delight for fans of vintage style with a contemporary twist. These iconic styles add a touch of urban chic to any outfit and pay tribute to the remarkable history of the Diadora brand.

Diadora Heritage was born from the manufacturer’s desire to pay tribute to its storied past. Diadora has been an icon in the world of athletic footwear and apparel since 1948, but most people are more familiar with the Diadora Heritage range from more recent times.

To create this range, the company looked to its history of dominating sports such as tennis and soccer with its standout Italian craftsmanship.

Diadora Heritage sales have boomed by turning the public’s focus back to the image of Diadora as the Italian dream of sports. This is why the line shifted as much of the production as possible to the company’s factories in Cearano di San Marco in Italy.

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Diadora Heritage means beauty and high quality

Turning the focus on the past, Diadora revisited its history of sport, authenticity, and superb native craftsmanship. By creating the sneakers in Italy, this authenticity and exclusivity is emphasized, especially as the company works with original machinery dating back decades.

This makes every Diadora Heritage outlet a symbol of quality, whether it is in Europe, the United States, or Japan. It also ensures a level of artisanal craftsmanship not found in other sports shoes.

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Diadora Heritage in your wardrobe

Add this style icon to your wardrobe for a great finishing touch to your own brand of urban chic. Diadora Heritage is available at a range of quality outlets, so your Italian style experience can be complete.