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Adidas, the most loved sneakers: ZX Flux, Iniki and Flux

With Adidas the saying is true: "impossible is nothing", just like the slogan of the well-known brand which is loved at international level and known above all for the quality and design of its creations.

Over decades, Adidas has made - and continues to make - history of international fashion by dictating styles and fantasies, and as a result has established itself as a brand which is appreciated and worn at any age. Adidas’s products are perfect as a gift for fashion addicted friends, and also for those who prefer sport rather than fashion.


In fact, the brand produces an infinite number of products for everyone - athletes and non-athletes - from clothing to accessories, such as Adidas men's sneakers and Adidas women's sneakers.

Adidas, the most loved sneakers: Zx Flux, Iniki and Flux

Designed in the late 1960s for the feet of NBA basketball players, Adidas Superstar soon after were worn on stages of rock concerts of the caliber of Run DMC. The classic look of these shoes features the three stripes with zig-zag edges, the sole and famous tip in the form of a shell made of rubber, and the herringbone design. Like most models of Adidas sneakers, Superstars are offered in many designs, yet they always boast clean and essential lines that guarantee comfort.

adidas zx flux

Unlike Adidas Superstar for men, the Adidas Superstar for women combine the classicism that distinguishes the brand’s style with fancy prints inspired by the female world.

When talking about these sneakers, we must mention Adidas Zx Flux, known for their excellent performance, wonderful comfort and the quality of the materials used to make them, which give the sneakers resistance and durability. The Zx Flux’s design is truly unique and captivating, with that casual timeless touch that makes them perfect for everyday use. A super glam model is the multicolored one with flashy colors and a humorous and cheerful mood. In addition, the sneakers provide very good support for the heels and have a mesh lining that allows the feet an excellent transpiration.

Among the most famous and ever popular models is the timeless, evergreen Stan Smith, named after the tennis champion. It is no mystery that Stan Smith is one of the most worn sneakers in history, a great classic whose charm remains over time, even though constantly updated in the shades of color and choices of materials in which the sneakers are (re) proposed.

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Gazelle is a model which must be mentioned: these Adidas sneakers are one of the most purchased and popular models of sneakers thanks to the simplicity and versatility that distinguish them, and which makes them suitable for every type of outfit.

Do you know the origin of the Adidas logo?

It is really odd how symbols born by pure chance can become "immortal": this is what happened in the case of the three parallel side stripes that distinguish the Adidas brand. Originally, they were designed to join the upper part to the sole with greater stability.

The "clover" logo is the symbol of Adidas Originals.